Live Praxes

To be Spoken

Live Praxes #2



Live Praxes is a performance encounter that includes workshops, seminars, and performance nights. 
In addition to creating a space to discuss textual performative practices in artistic, curatorial, and pedagogical spheres, we collaborate with other institutions and organizations to provide productions and mentoring support.
Live Praxes focuses on the notion of text-based performance as a medium and a research apparatus and committed to performativity and textuality concepts.
The previous edition's focus reflects an interest in how performance is embodied in various formats as hyper-media within an extensive scope of mediums, including moving images, theatre, lectures, installations, publications, sound, and choreography.
Live Praxes aims to create a community, network, and opportunities for performance artists within the local performance scene.

Live Praxes curated by Mohamed Abdelkarim
Supported by Pro-Helvetia Cairo



Live praxes #1 [2018]

Guest mentors:

Madeleine Amsler
Federica Martini


Ahmed Nagy
Ash Moniz
Farah Barqawi
Mahmoud Atif
Seba Ali Mahmoud
Shatha Aldeghady
Sohier Sharara

Associatetd participants [Seminar- Playback]

Hend Moaaz
Hosam Elsawah
Jacqueline George
Mahmoud Magde
Mariam Dahab
Mohamed Yehia
Salma Sherif

Live praxes #2 [2020]

Guest mentors:

Gilles Furtwängler
Madeleine Amsler


Assem Attoun
Fatma Heiba
Marwa Benhalim
Mohamed Al-Bakeri
Motasem Siam
Nada Elkalaawy
Omar Adel
Rania Atef
Rawia Sadek
Sara Hamdy
Soukaina Joua

Associated participants [Seminar - Intro to Performance Studies]

Ahmad Aiuby
Aliaa Salah
Engy Mohsen
Fatma El Zahraa
Fatma Yehia
Nadine Ali
Omnia Magdy
Samar Baiomy